Financial Information

In addition to the Encounter itself (which includes about 100 hours of training), your payments cover nine nights in a hotel and most of your meals.

Registration Fee
$50 if received no later than 2 weeks before Journey One begins; $100 if received later.

Journeys One & Two = $575 per person
Journeys Three & Four = $225 per person
Tuition Total (all four Journeys) = $800

~ Your registration fee secures your place in the Encounter, and is refundable up to eight (8) days before the Encounter begins.
~ Registration is on a “first come-first served” basis, up to our registration cap for each Encounter. If we do not have room for you in an Encounter, we’ll be glad to register you for the next one.

Tuition Payments
~ Tuition covers the Encounter itself, hotel accommodations (2 people per room), breakfast each morning, and multiple meals (except for one in J1, three in J2, and two in J3, which will be your responsibility).
~ An Encounter is divided into two training segments: Journeys 1 & 2, and Journeys 3 & 4.
~ Tuition for Journeys 1 & 2 is due in full at sign-in on Friday of Journey 1. Tuition for Journeys 3 & 4 is due in full at sign-in on Friday of Journey 3.
~ Payment options are as follows:
1. Payment in full by credit card (MC/VI)
2. Payment in full by cash or check

Cancellation Policy
Tuition payments are refundable until a training segment has begun. Unforeseen circumstances that prevent a participant from completing a training segment will be handled on an individual basis.

Partial scholarships may sometimes be available. To apply for a partial scholarship, accurately and completely fill out and submit the application form, after you’ve submitted your Registration Form and Fee. Scholarship applications submitted earlier than 6 weeks before Journey One begins, and later than 3 weeks before Journey One begins, may not be considered.

Scholarship Application Form

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