Upcoming Encounters

Encounter 30 /  Summer 2018

Journey 1 ~ June 22-24
Journey 2 ~ June 27-July 1
Journey 3 ~ July 27-29
Journey 4 ~ August 17-18
Dates are subject to change.

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You Must be at least 20 years old to attend GE.

Registration Fee

$50 (if received no later than 2 weeks before Journey 1 begins)
$100 (if received later than 2 weeks before Journey 1 begins)
(We do not consider you registered until we have received your registration fee.)

Payment Method


Payable to Grace Encounter
Mail your check to Grace Encounter, PO Box 30733, Columbia, MO  65205-3733.

A registration cap (maximum number of trainees) is set for each Encounter.
You are encouraged to register as early as you can.

Tuition payment is due when you sign in at Journeys 1 & 3.
Please consult the Financial Info section of this website for further information.

Credit Card via Paypal
Payment Options
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