GE Alumni Invite You to Join Them on the Journey of the Heart

“I have attended many workshops and seminars on inner healing, discipleship, and growth, and have read many books as well. Grace Encounter was by far the most life changing for me. Its impact, over three months time of training and practicing life skills, has led to a much healthier and fuller life. I am so thankful for the Trainers at GE who graciously led me to the One who revealed my lies and His truth.”

“GE’s the most significant event of my life. Even in difficulties, I have more peace and joy than ever. Grass is greener; birds are sweeter. My life is richer and more worthwhile than ever.”

“GE called me to live with integrity, in deeper relationships with God, myself, my wife and kids, and others.”

“GE gave me tools to deal with shame and anger I’d carried for years. I have more confidence since I’ve been set free of the snares of some of my life choices.”

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